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Hotel workers threaten measures if new bill is voted on without their input

Trade unions representing hotel workers on Thursday threatened to take measures unless the voting in parliament on a bill for the operation of hotels is postponed because they were not asked for their input.

Unions Sek and Peo said that “neither the government nor the House trade and commerce committee has the sensitivity to inform the trade union movement of the proposed changes that affect the work and life of thousands of hotel workers.”

The bill in question, the unions said, among other things, gives the right to hoteliers to outsource the operation of some departments to third parties.

This means that thousands of hotel workers will be faced with uncertainty as to their future and were being left to the mercy of “the whims of hoteliers.”

The unions said that they had sent a letter to the head of the House trade and commerce committee asking the postponement of the vote on the bill so that they could express their opinion as well.

“We have expressed our intense concern over possible mass lay-offs but also the creation of conditions that would negatively affect the tourist product,” the unions said in a statement.

Their concerns however, they said, fell on deaf ears.

Unless the vote on the bill in question is postponed, and unless they were invited to express their opinion, they said, “prompt reactive measures would be a certainty”.

The bill is currently being discussed by the competent committee.

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