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Fees for private doctors under Gesy published

The Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) on Tuesday announced it has published estimated pay scales for private sector general physicians and specialists under the National Health Scheme (Gesy) to help them decide whether they would like to join.

The reason it has done so, it said, is due to numerous calls by doctors who wish to be informed on their pay under Gesy. The lists cover reimbursement of doctors for inpatient care, but also payment for general physicians for adults and children and specialists for outpatient care.

This information, the HIO said, aims to help physicians calculate and compare their current total earnings with the corresponding total remuneration they would receive under Gesy.

The scenario for general physicians for both adults and children refers to the average number of beneficiaries per age category according to the population.

In both cases, a GP’s annual salary will depend on the number but also ages of their patients.

According to the lists, the maximum annual salary of GPs for adults is estimated at €111,737. This is based on €86 on average per year per patient assuming a GP has 1,300 patients registered, which is the maximum. The scenario provides for €71 per patient between 16 and 50 years of age, €101 for patients between 51 and 70 and €125 for those over 70.

Paediatricians are estimated to earn up to €100,726 per year if they have the maximum number of children – 875 – registered. For children up to three years, paediatricians are estimated to received €185 per year. Their fee for children between four and seven would be €137 and €81 for those between eight and 18.

To calculate his or her total annual salary as a GP, each physician is asked to change the number of beneficiaries they estimate to register as patients and/or change the number of beneficiaries per age group.

The HIO also published lists of estimated pay for a large number of specialists, which took into consideration the 100 most common medical procedures carried out today. On those lists, the cost of each procedures is compared to that estimated under Gesy.

It said that as these are merely indicative each specialist to calculate their fees under the Gesy would have to adjust the list according to the services they offer.

The HIO, which is currently in consultations with the medical association (CyMA) on private doctors’ fees under Gesy called on doctors’ groups to submit their suggestions so that the lists could be updated.

Maximum salaries of state doctors who will become GPs will reportedly be to the tune of €70,000 per year. To minimise the gap between the two sectors, the state health service organisation has commissioned a study for additional economic benefits and incentives for this group of health professionals, which could see their salaries go up by at least 25 per cent.

Phase one of Gesy, which is primary health care, will kick in on June 1, 2019. Inpatient care will be introduced in phase two which is expected to be introduced in June 2020. Contributions of beneficiaries will come into force in March.

The lists can be found at:

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