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Altamira launches new website and boosts real estate sales

Company’s online platform is up and running, offering exclusive investment opportunities

 Altamira Asset Management Cyprus is changing the way we search for real estate in the Cypriot market, by launching a new pioneering website today where properties across Cyprus will be available exclusively for sale.

At a recent event, the company presented its staff with the new real estate website, through which Altamira intends to boost its digital presence and become the first point of reference for any potential investor. Altamira’s online platform launches with over 400 properties immediately available for sale, while new opportunities will be added weekly at attractive prices from the portfolio of over 3,000 properties that it manages.

The website,, combines a modern and easy-to-use design, with a rich content and user-friendly environment, which reflects Altamira’s international level of service. More specifically, users will be able to navigate easily and swiftly through the innovative and interactive website to find a broad range of opportunities for commercial and housing units, office spaces, shops, tourist complexes, development works, industrial properties as well as land to develop in both urban and rural areas.

 Thanks to its practical design, the website enables users to search and choose the real estate they are interested in through an interactive map, while also providing a variety of options and the specialised information they require for each property. Furthermore, visitors will be able to come into contact with Altamira’s network of real estate advisors, with broad coverage in all Cyprus towns, who can guide them through the most suitable investment opportunities that will fully meet their specific needs.

 Spanish Altamira is the top asset management servicer in Europe. The creation of the website is part of the international expansion of its activities, with Cyprus being the first country after Spain where the digital platform for real estate management and disposal has been implemented. The platform on the one hand will channel the high level of the company’s expertise, and on the other, highlights its keen interest in the Cypriot market.


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