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There are wild animals on board! Travel with your family is fun if you travel with Emirates

Traveling as a family can, and should, be fun – both for children and parents. And Emirates take care for that, as young flyers get special attention on Emirates’ flights like their senior keepers and attendants do. This is how the whole family enjoy a seamless journey, before, during, and after the flight.

Tasty meals, non-stop entertainment, especially designed toys and goodies are available on board in order young travelers to get satisfied and leisurely spend their flight time. Emirates ensure that its services and amenities inspire the greatest of imaginations – and there are a lot of when it is about kids’ fantasy and artistry.

Once the boarding is completed, you will hear the highly trained cabin crew to inform the young passengers that there are wile animals on board – do not be afraid, they will adore it. Little adventurers can share their journey with new furry friends from around the world like Brett the bear, Mia the manta ray, ChaoChao the alligator and Savannah the elephant. All of them have joined the growing Fly With Me Animals family on board and are handed out completely free to younger travelers on all Emirates Flights. The characters represent the different regions of the world that the airline flies to and help young passengers to learn more about animals and their natural habitat.

Children can wrap up with their buddy in the eco-friendly Emirates blankets, use theirs as a bag or attach a cuddly companion to their stroller when they’re on the move. And they can also explore the airline’s Fly With Me Animals magazine, which is full of puzzles, games and comes with colored pencils.

Keeping children occupied and happy on flights is challenging, especially for their parents, so Emirates goes on step beyond, by investing on inspiration for tomorrow’s explorers. The airline has teamed up with the Lonely Planet Kids’ travel experts and created packs that inspire older children to explore more of the world. Young passengers quickly transform themselves to passionate explorers who can delve into a retro, travel-themed bag or lunch cooler filled with educational books designed exclusively for Emirates’ flights. Inside they can also find amazing world facts and creative crafts, something that will help them with recording memorable moments along the way in their travel journal.

When it comes to food, Emirates makes tray tables look like the home ones. A broad range of meals for children and babies are offered to young flyers who give the thumbs up to on board meals. Kids aged between two and 12 can pick from Emirates menu of children’s favorites and their food will be served on a special, colorful tray. The airline also gives to young adventurers a snack box filled with treats to enjoy along the journey, or to tuck in to while watching a kids’ movie. Moreover, the well-trained cabin crew will help parents that may have brought their own baby meals with food and bottle warming.

Of course, Emirates take care of adults’ nutrition as well. Emirates offer the opportunity to start exploring their destination before they have even arrived – delicious dishes from the heart of the region’s culture are served into the world’s largest flying restaurant. Passengers can taste global flavors and savor meals, made with the freshest ingredients, while they may complement their meals, by choosing from Emirates’ enhanced lists of complimentary wines, beers, hot and cold drinks.

Families come first for Emirates and the airline gives special consideration to the things a family need to make its trip comfortable and convenient. This is why there are special family check-in desks at Dubai International airport, alongside shops for kids’ treats at Duty Free. Furthermore, in airport lounges parents can use the mother and baby room to change and feed their little adventurer, and children can enjoy video games in safe and stylish play areas.

Both adults and kids travelers will enjoy the 14-time “best inflight entertainment system” winner at the Skytrax awards, ice system, with up to 3,500 channels of entertainment, a huge music collection, over 100 games, and almost 900 films, including Cypriot movies.

For more information on Emirates, including how to book flights and a complete list of terms and conditions, visit, travel agent or through the local Emirates Sales Office.

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