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UNic has major role in Nasa Mars mission

Delegates at the 10th congress of the European space agency

Yet another recent distinction for the University of Nicosia has been the selection and inclusion of the university in the Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation (CSEO), with a permanent member of the scientific committee being professor Constantinos Fellas, vice-chancellor of academic personnel and research.

At the 10th congress of the European space agency working with Nasa, it was decided unanimously that Nicosia should be the headquarters of the Space Exploration Organisation, while at the same time announcing the names of those who will be members of the scientific space committee. Professor Fellas of the University of Nicosia is one of them.

The University of Nicosia will thus participate actively in the space exploration process with the primary objective of sending people to planet Mars.

“We do not know everything about our planet, Earth. A mission to Mars may help us understand better what has happened there Its atmosphere has turned blue into red. It is possible that they will happen on Earth, so it is good to know how to avoid it,” said Fellas.

The president of the Cyprus Space Organisation, George Danos, mentioned the important role of Alekos Michaelides from the communications ministry in the selection of prominent academics from Cypriot universities to staff the organisation.

The Mars Upper Atmosphere Network (MUAN), housed in Nicosia with a permanent delegation, will host a two-year congress in Nicosia. Nasa is currently cooperating with space force organisations in space exploration, especially in relation to the Mars mission, such as Russia, China, India and others.

“Cyprus, by choice, is becoming a centre for international academic research in space, and we hope that with the choice of experienced professors and eminent scientists, our universities will now get a boost by space science,” Danos added.

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