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Sort out your mind, body and spirit

If you’ve never been to the Mind, Body & Spirit event, you’re probably thinking it’s all crystal massage and naked yoga, with a side of oil pulling angels. And granted, there’s quite a bit of New Age interest attracted to any festival of this type. But for the most part, the Mind, Body and Spirit exhibition (now rebranded the MBS Wellbeing Festival) is A Jolly Good Thing, and an excellent jumping-off point to explore the practices which might just change your life…

Taking place at the Filoxenia Conference Centre in Nicosia on November 10 and 11, and now in its 16th year, the festival is not only a wake-up call for those who need to sort out their mind, body, and spirit, but also a wonderfully community-minded event which sees 5,000-plus visitors in attendance annually. In a way, it’s the forerunner of all this millennial ‘community connection’ and ‘being woke’: a sort of wake-up call to sort out your life and, in the process, try various alternative therapies and practices on for size…

“Join us for an amazing weekend of connecting your everyday life to your inner self! Free your spirit by opening and connecting your heart to the healing sounds of music and the rhythm of dance, or meet energy healers, psychic mediums and massage therapists,” exhort festival organisers… But if that all doesn’t sound fact-based enough for you, there’s plenty of stuff from which even dyed-in-the-wool sceptics will benefit…

Healthy foods (artisans from the Nicosia-based clean label Wood ’N Fire Bakery will be in attendance), natural skincare (do check out Gaia Olea’s natural aromatherapy soaps, balms and salves), and herbal remedies (the herbal teas, tinctures, and essential oils from Cyherbia Botanical Park are a must) abound.

For animal-lovers there’s a stall run by the Nicosia Dog Shelter (who doesn’t want to help puppies find a new home?), the environmentally-conscious might want to investigate Let’s Make Cyprus Green’s eco-friendly product range), and anyone after a gift for the grandkids will enjoy the handcrafted kids’ toys from Happy Crab Creations.

And who could dispute the benefits of say, yoga (representatives from yoga schools including Yoga Europe, Hot Yoga Athens, Flower Kids Yoga School, and Aerial Yoga by Alice & Yianna will be at the Festival), acupuncture (4,000 years of Chinese history can’t be wrong; check out the various practitioners on the premises to see for yourself!), or honey (stop by The Three Beekeepers stall for a full range of organic local honey, royal jelly, beeswax and propolis)?

Yes, the MBS has something for everyone; be you cynic or enthusiast, holistic happiness happens here! “We’re creating a win-win situation where consciousness and spirituality expand on this island,” explain the organisers.

“In the past, professionals such as energy healers, transformational teachers, yoga teachers, massage practitioners, healthy and organic stores and new age stores were isolated in the Cyprus market. The MBS, in its 16 years of exhibitions, has contributed by providing a regular and steady platform for connecting these professionals with a larger audience, whilst promoting their ideas, gifts and products.”

In essence, the festival is a hotspot for everything healthy, and with more than 100 exhibitors, you could spend the whole weekend in excited exploration. Add to that various specially-priced treatments, a host of vegetarian and vegan snack options, all sorts of musical accompaniments (continuous live acts include performances from the Marlia Project, Simge Akdogu, and Annika Nicolaou’s Singing and Drumming Circle), and oodles of presentations, demos, mini-sessions and workshops (all aimed at educating visitors in terms of “spirituality, healthy and conscious living, and generally anything that has to do with the improvement of mind, body and spirit in the most natural and organic way”) and you’ve got yourself a festival for everyone.

Here, in one place, are the people dedicated to making you feel your very best. Don’t miss out!


Mind, Body, and Spirit Wellbeing Festival

At the Filoxenia Conference Centre from 10.30am to 9pm on November 10 and 11. For more information call 96 382333 or visit Entrance is €10 per day. Under 12s go free





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