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80 people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year

Around 80 people are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year in Cyprus, the Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (Pasykaf) said on Tuesday.

In its message to mark World Pancreatic Cancer Day marked on November 15, Pasykaf said this is one of the most difficult cancers to treat as it is not easily detected at its early stage.

The association’s Althea gastrointestinal cancer response team, whose major sponsor is Universal Life insurance, under the slogan ‘Demand better. For patients. For survival,’ seeks to increase the survival chances of people with pancreatic cancer, improve their quality of life and of those close to them.

Althea said they want to put pancreatic cancer at the centre of a public debate to raise awareness about the disease, risk factors and symptoms.

Every day, the group said, 1,250 people are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer worldwide, and about 1,180 people will lose their lives from this disease.

“Since there is no early detection method, the diagnosis is made when the disease is already advanced and this makes it difficult to treat, hence increased mortality rates,” the group said. Althea’s primary objective is the reduction of new cases and deaths due to pancreatic cancer.

They added there is great need for awareness to identify any symptoms for a timely diagnosis and treatment.

For this reason, the group said, this year’s Pasykaf Althea’s campaign aims to raise awareness among pathologists and general practitioners so referrals are made earlier.

It added that “knowing risk factors such as smoking, aged over 50, chronic pancreatitis, family history, diabetes and obesity as well as common symptoms are a step closer to prevention and early diagnosis.”

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