Cyprus Mail

Long-overdue praise for medical services in Cyprus

There is a widely held opinion among expats in Cyprus, as well as among many native-born Cypriots regarding the low quality of medical services in Cyprus.

“Go to Germany, go to the UK, go anywhere only heaven forbid doing an operation in Cyprus”. When my son was five years old, he broke his wrist, Dr Andreas Panayiotou, performed surgery at Mediterranean centre. Both, the surgery as well as post-operative care were superb.

Two years ago I had knee surgery performed by Dr Stephen Josephides, and post-op rehabilitation conducted by physiotherapist Andreas Teklos. The results were excellent. Last week the neurosurgeon Dr Yiannis Ioannou replaced three discs from my cervical spine in Policlinic Ygia.

Pre-op was conducted by cardiologist Dr Constandinos Kyriakou. The entire staff in all three cases were both highly professional, as well as being, personally welcoming and reassuring at the same time. If this sounds like some sort of advertisement for specific doctors mentioned, it is not. What it is, is a long overdue word of praise and thanks for the highly professional and dedicated personnel and institutions that exist for us here in Cyprus from a grateful expat.

Eric Whyte, via email