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Hotel workers on the march on Tuesday to protest new bill

Hotel workers are to hold a mass protest outside the finance ministry on Tuesday over a bill currently before parliament for discussion, which aims to abolish the obligation of employers to hire a minimum number of people in all specialities.

The protest is being organised by trade unions Peo and Sek. The two unions had warned earlier in the year that they would react unless the voting in parliament of the bill in question was postponed because they were not asked for their input.

The bill, the unions said, repeals all the provisions of the existing legislation that obliges hotels to employ a sufficient number of employees in all specialities and regulates their employment terms.

It also introduces a new provision which allows the rental or sublease of restaurants and bars of hotels to third parties.

This, unions said, would “open the door to subcontracting and purchasing of services, exposing thousands of workers to the risk of losing their jobs.”
Protesters will march from the finance ministry to parliament. Along the way, they will deliver petitions to the ministries of interior, labour and the House.

The unions had sent last month a letter to the head of the House trade and commerce committee asking the postponement of the vote on the bill so that they could express their opinion as well.

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