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The lights are on but nobody’s home

The curious world of the mind has been examined by many philosophers, scientists and psychologists, though the brain is yet to be fully mapped out and it is hard to say if it will ever be.

A look inside this mental universe will be displayed as part of the Larnaca Biennale. On November 30 artist Andreas Tomblin joins the series of events occurring around the city with an art installation with its main protagonist the mind.

Observing how it works and the numerous and complicated ways its state affects human beings, the artist puts the spotlight on one condition that affects millions: Alzheimer’s disease.

“Every 3.2 seconds, a new case of Alzheimer’s disease occurs somewhere in the world,” organisers say.

To address this issue, the art installation takes into consideration how culture, environment, upbringing, life experiences, social and economic events and beliefs are contained deep within a person’s psyche.

“The mind is the vessel containing countless details and combinations that are configured, making us who we are. Our identity takes the form of memories, aspirations, dreams, beliefs, desires, emotions and personality; this coded information is contained stored and catalogued. It could be said to be the spirit of man, man’s identity,” adds Tomblin.

As Alzheimers erodes memory a chaotic interconnected layering of information and codes that are partly erased and partly jumbled together take up the mind and it’s these elements that are part of the installation. They take shape in a visual and audio response which highlight the day to day problems facing victims and carers.

Enter an alternative world that for some is a tortuous reality, though be aware that the art installation contains a sequence of flashing lights.

The lights are on but nobody’s home
Art installation by Andreas Tomblin. Part of the Larnaca Biennale. November 30. Larnaca Municipal Gallery. 9am-6pm

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