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Use yoga to fill the gap between container and content

Adopting a more holistic approach to the everyday and to hobbies, mindfulness, consciousness and inward-looking practices are taking over the globe. Yoga classes, meditation and other forms of moving the body while tapping into oneself are becoming increasingly popular and with today’s stressful, tech-filled lifestyle, the desire to re-connect is rising.

Jumping on this wagon of re-connection is Larnaca Biennale 2018. Besides art installations, exhibitions and informative workshops that are taking place as part of this grand cultural event that Cyprus is hosting, a Yin yoga with drumming is happening on Wednesday in Larnaca.

In this three-hour workshop participants get to practise yoga with live drumming in the background to guide them. What’s even better, is that no previous experience or skill level is required to attend, giving everyone interested a chance to explore what occurs when yoga merges with the sound of healing drumming.

Sticking to the theme of Larnaca Biennale 2018 ‘content and container’, the workshop’s ideology recognises a somewhat dualistic world that we live in, with a tendency to experience, observe and think of everything as separated. The container and the content, the earth and the sky, the sky and the stars, the body and the mind; thus forgetting the space between. The space between the earth and the sky, the space between the sky and the stars. The space where everything and everyone are interconnected; the mind and body united; the ‘Self’ as a whole.

“In this experiential workshop using the Art of Yin Yoga in combination with the art of Drumming vibrations, we will explore the physical Body as the element moving through space; the physical structure, which contains, the bones, the flesh, the living organs and the organs of perception, thus the ‘container’; which communicates with, from and to the ‘content’; feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas and the self,” say the event organisers.

Fill the gap between your container and your content, move the body and allow yourself to experience with this unique yoga class.

Yin Yoga with Drumming
Merging yin yoga and drum vibrations in a workshop. Part of the 2018 Larnaca Biennale events. November 28. Myth Factory, Larnaca. 4pm-7pm. €10. Tel: 99-403010

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