Cyprus Mail

Afraid to walk the streets

On October the 13th, my wife took our pet dog for a walk in the village. Instantly they were attacked by a ferocious hound. My wife scooped our pet into her arms but he was torn from her and savaged.

My wife was treated for shock, cuts and bruises. My beloved dog fought on for ten days before succumbing to his injuries.

This is not another tale of stray dogs – the aggressor belongs to a family in the village. Their response? A shrug of the shoulders. Every night, we lie in bed listening to that dog barking, back on its chain in the village square. Both the Police and the Mukhtar tell us they cannot have the dog removed. So here we are, 2018 in Cyprus and my wife is too frightened to leave the house. Shame on Cyprus. Shame.

Stuart Lennon, via email