Cyprus Mail

No connection between insecticide use and CO2

Many thanks to John Barbour for his comments regarding my exposure of the global warming hoax.

It is said that the best way to win a debate is to have the other side argue badly or illogically. Clearly there is no connection between the deplorable overuse of insecticides (man-made), and CO2 which is essential to life on Earth and 93 per cent of which is naturally produced.

Indeed mankind has narrowly, and unknowingly, escaped an extinction event in the 20th Century when CO2 levels dropped to their lowest point ever. At 150 ppm or below plants cease to grow as it is essential for photosynthesis.

The optimum level for plants and humans is 800 p pm which will save millions from starvation, including many species of insects, which, of course rely on plants as much as we do. And yes, the Earth IS warming – very slightly. It’s been doing that for 400 years.

Before that It cooled, then it warmed, then it cooled etc. etc.

Geoffrey Evans, Peyia