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Email personalisation: How to attract the right kind of people without being creepy?

As we all know, creating personal emails is not the most natural thing in the world. But with a little help and guidance, anything is possible. There is no need to spam email lists endlessly only to find yourself coming out empty-handed. With that in mind let us have a look at why email personalisation has been one of the keys to success as well as how this could change in the year to come.

Will this still be important in 2019?
The last few years have shown businesses that customer retention is not just about the quality of products or services. It goes beyond that. The process of customer retention begins before they have even used any of the company’s features. Despite people saying don’t judge a book by its cover, in this case, it is just that. From the very first impression modern customers have already made up their mind with regards to whatever it is you are selling. If we were to look at Adobe’s Digital Index Report from last year, it indicates that 8% of repeat customers generate about 40% of the e-commerce revenue cashed in by online companies. What that means for us as businesses is that customer retention is key to building a loyal customer base to survive a highly competitive environment.

So how can we do that in 2019?

Always gather and analyze customer data
Without assessing the companies’ data when it comes to the customer’s response rate and purchase rate from email marketing campaigns we cannot accurately judge its impact. This means that by interconnecting one’s marketing systems it becomes easier to segment personalised emails according to each category. Without doing so, it becomes rather difficult to narrow down one’s clientele to find the most profitable ones. By having well-tailored emails that are written in a coherent and cohesive manner it becomes much easier to reach one’s audience. Nowadays, when individuals can’t come up with ideas for their emails or simply lack the time to double-check every comma and punctuation mark, they choose to hire professional writers to do that for them in a much shorter time frame.

Create a unique journey for the customer
Since customer retention is the goal here, allowing each customer to embark on a journey of discovery while using your products and services is a huge plus. People are looking for something that caters to their individual needs without all the sidetracking information that makes this process take much longer than expected. Therefore, by segmenting the marketing email list to fit each niche’s parameters one could find themselves with a 39% increase in email opening rates and a 26% rise in response rates. But that means that each particular segment of your customer base will be advertised differently and possibly with a different variety of products or services according to their needs.

Ask for feedback
This point is quite straightforward since without asking the customers for feedback it will be quite hard to determine the impact of a personalised email campaign. Doing so will provide the marketer with statistical data that can be used to evaluate where the campaign fell short as well as which elements left a long-lasting impact on the customers. Remember that both positive and negative feedback is useful in this scenario since they help build a complete picture of the benefits and drawbacks of specific strategies.

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