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Layers of Visibility

Between 2013 and 2017 artists associated with the University of Plymouth, UK, joined forces with those in Cyprus through an artists’ residency programme at NiMAC. Their works resulted in the exhibition titled Layers of Visibility, which has been on display since October and will go on until January 12.

The works included in the exhibition and as well as the publication, indicate a range of different responses to the island and to the complex layers of Cypriot culture, based on the fact that it is a place where historically the Hellenic and the Islamic were variously entangled and, along with legacies of British colonialism, remain marked now.

Layers of Visibility focuses on the notion of “place” through geography, history, memories and narratives that reflect cultural currencies, familial and personal lived experience.

“The economy primarily centres on tourism, small-scale industrial enterprise, services and agricultural production. Through photography, video and painting, the artists in the exhibition discover and explore challenging stories and trajectories of local realities,” explain the curators.

These include new architectural developments in contested urban settings; the situation of refugee dogs in shelters; military presence in a divided island, family memory and symbolic legacies; and the dead zone as a complex metaphor for links as well as divisions. For outsiders, there is much more to be discovered than that which first meets the eye.

To fully understand the project’s ideas guided tours are offered for those wanting to unravel a little bit more. The remaining tours are in Greek on December 5 and 12, as well as on January 9. Reserve a spot to assure participation.

Layers of Visibility
Exhibition with the results of residencies at NiMAC, responding to the island and to the complex layers of Cypriot culture. Until January 12. NiMAC, Nicosia. Tues-sat: 10am-9pm. Tel: 22-797400

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