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An introduction to the sounds of the hand-pan

The hand-pan, otherwise known as the hand-drum, is a rare musical instrument with soothing, serene sounds that musicians around the world are adopting, and will soon be introduced to Cypriot audiences too.

Originating from Switzerland, Felix Rohner and Sabina Schårer founded the original hand-pan mecca, PANArt, and constructed a complex musical instrument called ‘the Hang’, meaning “hand” in Bernese German, due to the fact that the instrument is played by hand. Made by two metal half-shells glued together, its sound is a hypnotic.

Musician Vasilis Vasiliou not only brings the hand-pan’s melodies to Cyprus but has also performed with it around Europe, on the streets of Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg and France.

Windcraft Music Centre presents a solo performance by Vasilis Vasiliou on Friday, who uniquely combines the hand-pan with the grooves of other rhythmic percussion instruments creating a mesmerising, playful and uplifting soundscape.

Vasilis is a drummer, multi-instrumentalist and composer who through his solo performances and travels seeks to connect with his audience while bringing to life notes and sounds with every touch of his hand-pan.

Lately, he has dedicated himself to the production of experimental compositions by combining the hand-pan with various music genres leading to extraordinary, contemporary sounds. World, Ethnic and Electro influences mix with personal compositions and cover songs to provide a unique musical experience.

Vasilis Vasiliou Full Set Project
Live performance by Vasilis Vasiliou playing the hand-pan. December 14. Windcraft music centre, Nicosia. 9pm. 7 euro (5 euro for Windcraft Loud members). Tel: 22-377748

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