Cyprus Mail

Fisheries department launches competition for fisherman app

A competition to create an app which allows professional and amateur fishermen to describe their fishing trips and advertise their catch for sale has been announced the department of fisheries.

The overall value of the competition is €71,500, while the deadline to submit proposals is January 22.

The purpose of the app is to allow the department to track fishing activity, catches and sales.

There is the possibility the app will be upgraded at a later stage and work in tandom with existing databases in the department.

According to the specifications of the tender, the app would record different information according to the size of the fishing vessel, including the time of departure and return, type of fishing equipment used, time spent fishing and type of fish caught.

Additional information depending on the size of the fishing vessel could be to track co-ordinates as well as date on the sales of catches.

There is also the possibility for the app to continue information that may be required by fishermen including weather updates, a connection to JCC and details of renewing fishing permits.

The app should also have the ability to pinpoint where a fisherman is.