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Sculpting garden spaces

A new exhibition takes the spotlight with Phanos Kyriakou’s recent body of work. Entitled ‘Garden Sculptures’, the pieces were created over the course of several years and are now ready to face the public as the exhibition opens on December 15, running for about six weeks.

Making use of the sculptural and filmic, Phanos Kyriacou’s practice involves the setting up of encounters that restructure everyday ideas of the relations between objects, information and society. His upcoming exhibition also stays within similar lines.

Whether the pieces are indeed garden sculptures or not, the exhibition’s title offers an experimental playground for both the objects and the audience to adopt a certain perspective and find a correlation with the notion of ‘space’ suggested by the artist.

“These types of ‘garden’ sculptures prompt a situation, an imaginative or imaginary space in which they co-exist and where we get to practice suspending time, in order to perceive how they behave and where they take us,” comments writer Maria Petrides on Phanos’s artwork.

The meaning of ‘space’ is questioned here. Everything from its features, the garden, the gallery itself, and the sculptures in relation to their surroundings, is meant to be dissected by the visitors, crossing the space and adding to the pieces’ experience with their presence.

Garden Sculptures
Solo exhibition by Phanos Kyriacou. December 15 – February 2. Eins gallery, Limassol. Wednesday-Friday: 4pm-8pm / Saturday: 11am-4pm. Tel: 99-522977