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Not feeling like snow, tinsel or fat white men in red suits? Tired of grandma’s fruit cake? Bored of sitting around the fire with your in-laws watching CyBC? Do the sunny December skies just kill you? We feel you, says Write Cy introducing another creative Open Mic Night.

As an organisation cultivating minds by encouraging creation and sharing, their ongoing Open Mic Night series welcomes all sorts of artists and creatives to share their creations with the public. Because what’s the point of art, whether that’s writing, music or poetry, if it’s not shared? Sure, it’s nerve-racking and the dreaded fear of being booed always looms but Write Cy has got your back.

In collaboration with Prozak café, a welcoming and encouraging environment is created for people to take the floor, or the mic, and express their creativity. Having organised these nights numerous times, many writers and performers from across the island have discovered them and attend them, helping to establish creative a supportive space for newcomers.

The rules are pretty straightforward: you perform something original that doesn’t take more than five minutes. That’s it.

Open Mic 16 has no theme, so share what you will.

Open Mic Night 16
Open Mic night for sharing stories, music and art. December 22. Prozak, Nicosia. 9pm. Tel: 22-104244