Cyprus Mail

The EU has brought peace between former enemies

The premise underlying Mr Shouler’s article titled ‘Brexit deal a betrayal’ appears to be that there is something intrinsically pernicious about cooperation by continental Europeans, presumably underpinned by the visceral dislike of the inhabitants of the continent prevalent among older British people which manifested itself in the bizarre imposition by the British older generation, which voted overwhelmingly ‘leave’ in the 2016 referendum, of a future on the country’s younger generation that it clearly does not desire, the latter having voted overwhelmingly ‘remain’.

Take, for example, his claim that the Common Market was “a protectionist construct vis-à-vis the rest of the world.” The Common Market was in fact no more or less protectionist vis-à-vis the rest of the world than the nation states in the world at that time. If so, the only rationale for this singular treatment the Common Market is deemed to merit must be because it was the result of European cooperation.

Mr Shouler rails at great length against the Franco-German cooperation that lies behind the new Europe and the supposed dangers it poses. I would suggest to the gentleman that it is not the continuation of the Franco-European cooperation that has brought unprecedented peace and stability to our continent that is to be feared, but the ending of this cooperation between the two former arch enemies and a return to the enmity between them which engulfed Europe in two disastrous wars last century that not only cost the lives of millions of continentals, but mowed down the flower of Britain’s youth, too.

Tim Drayton, Limassol