Cyprus Mail

Truly miserable people

Any Paphos resident intending to renew their driving licence would be very well advised not to waste their time going to the department of transport off the Polis road.

If they do, they will be met with total indifference, blatant rudeness, apparent incompetence, and the very strong feeling that the truly miserable people who work there hate their jobs.
The camera is broken, but in any case for licence renewal it is not needed since one’s photograph is already on record and can be called up on the computer,
“Go to the post office” you will eventually be commanded.  And indeed after fruitlessly waiting around for an hour to have this instruction hurled at us, that is what we did, there to find a cheerful young lady, completely equipped with everything necessary who handled the requirement in minutes.  You go back to collect the renewed licence after a month.

I suggest this particular department of transport is shut down.  Its employees will probably be grateful – if with their unfortunate attitude they can ever find new work.

Clive Turner, Paphos