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New expo covers all things gaming

By mid-December, your Christmas spirit may well be flagging. In fact, for many of us, the seasonal rush that got us through putting up the tree, decorating the house, traipsing round Jumbo, and putting up the tree up for the second time (cats/dogs/kids) has died a death: consigned to the rubbish bin along with the kids’ first attempts at gingerbread. And so, to give you a bit of a break from all that jolly holly cheer, here’s something completely different… the first Gaming Show in Cyprus!

Bear with us here. Even if you have no interest whatsoever in esports or gaming, someone in your family will thrill to the event. If you’re lucky, it will be the children/grandchildren who’ve been under your feet for the last week, and you can pack them off to this two-day gaming extravaganza (December 22 and 23 at the Filoxenia Conference Centre, Nicosia) knowing you’ve done everyone a huge favour. Because no teen or twenty-something will be able to resist the lure of what’s billed as ‘The largest gamers’ gathering in Cyprus’…

Basically, it’s all about esports, a term which loosely translates as ‘pretending that running round blowing up screen monsters is a physical activity’. Okay, it actually refers to multiplayer video game competitions, a genre which has taken off in a big way over the last few years: events are held worldwide, with thousands showing up, and millions tuning in to watch their favourite teams capture the castle (or whatever it is they do). So it was only a matter of time before Cyprus saw something of the sort.

Organisers have revealed that the GameShow is a response to “requests from gamers in Cyprus,” and add that the influx of students over the Christmas period are sure to bump up the numbers. There’s certainly a lot on offer: various tournaments, workshops and showcases, along with “a Cosplay competition and parade, the most influential people in the gaming community, and the biggest LAN Party Gather event that has ever taken place in Cyprus!”

Organised by Primetel and local esports organisation Kinx Gaming, this “multi-genre gameshow is a mega event for all technology and video game lovers, a huge and diverse event filled with esports and gaming-related activities showcasing the best and most advanced gaming and technological products.” Boasting a “fully-equipped, specially modified stage and the most technologically advanced and the best live broadcasting equipment”, the event promises a “once-in-a-lifetime gaming experience with speeds of up to 10,000Mbps” courtesy of PrimeTel’s “independent fibre-optic network which is breaking all boundaries.” (Interesting claim.)

Apparently all this will make for a riotous time for both spectators and competitors – basically a bunch of teams fighting it out (prizes for the roughly 800 participants will include the takings from tickets, donations and crowdfunding) across a host of games. An online poll has established which games will be featured (Fortnite topped the ranks, with League of Legends and Clash Royale a close second, and FIFA19 and Call of Duty Black Ops 4 also making the mix), while various streamers will also be joining in the days’ play and possibly competing for the various prizes.

On top of that, attendees are promised various industry personalities, including 2J – a Greek Cypriot YouTuber with more than a million followers. “At the event, you will have an opportunity to meet and greet YouTube influencers, entertainment personas and other gaming industry related experts,” we’re told. “We will be hosting a series of panels with local mentors and influencers for them to share their experiences with you.” There’s also going to be a cosplay competition and parade (a bit of a crossover with the ComicCon idea here), judged by international cosplayers Tajfu, Molzenna and Fenvaria (who will also be hosting two free workshops). Stands from companies such as Nintendo, HP Omen and Public will showcase various products, games and collectibles, while the entrance area will play host to a music stage and food court.

While this may well not be the event for you (even should you wish to take out those seasonal frustrations by blowing up an on-screen team of teens), it certainly looks set to attract a huge audience. Pack the progeny off to the event of a lifetime, and enjoy a well-earned pre-Christmas break!

Game Show Cyprus
Takes place at the Filoxenia Conference Centre, Nicosia, on December 22 and 23. For more information, visit or the Facebook page ‘GameShow Cyprus’ Tickets can be booked through the website and cost €4 per day or €6 for both