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A Bleu performance

The festive period may ooze cheerfulness but the troubles of modern life are never far behind. Addressing the increasing sense of anxiety that overwhelms society today, is a new performance Bleu, taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday in Nicosia.

“Humankind has always been invaded by anxiety and the causes of it have changed throughout the centuries. It is different to be anxious when you find out that the earth is not flat, with the risk of falling into the void, than being anxious because you listen to your own fast heart beating, believing that you’re having a heart attack. There was a time when humankind was anxious about “not-knowing” – nowadays it is an overflow of knowledge that can create anxiety,” explained production team Bleu en Haus Bleu en Bas.

Bleu deals with the endogenous and exogenous anxiety and the symptoms it generates, through the prism of a raw, naive text reinforced by the primitive energy of Rock’n’roll. After two performances in Limassol last weekend, Bleu is coming to the island’s capital before continuing its European tour in Greece and Switzerland.

The play tackling the issues of anxiety, panic attacks and the sea will be half in Greek and half in French.

Bleu: Sans Sucre Seulement du Sel Svp
Theatre performance on anxiety. December 18 and 19. WhereHaus 612, Nicosia. 8.30pm. €10. Tel: 70 000612