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Christmas comes to town

There’s no denying that Christmas has arrived, with every shop and café holding their own festive gathering, showering the public with ‘special deals’. Every nook and cranny is decorated with tinsel and sparkly red ornaments. Not wanting to miss out – now that Eleftheria Square is slowly starting to shape up – Nicosia Municipality has organised a series of activities taking place in the yard of the Municipality, just above the square, enticing people to a part of town that was starting to feel like a distant memory.

With a portion of the square apparently due to be finished before the end of the year, the planned festive events encourage traffic – pedestrians, not cars – back to what used to be the central hub of the capital, even if the activities are taking place just above it. Workshops, performances and craft activities will be taking place until the end of the month.

The next events will be held on December 21, when a ‘music puzzle’ is set to play out. What that means exactly is unclear, but there’s only one way to find out.

Other events to look forward to this week include dance and orchestra performances, magician shows, and a concert by the famous Greek singer Giorgos Tsalikis on December 23 at 6pm.

If he isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps some live music by Windcraft Band will entertain you on Christmas Eve. More free gigs by popular Greek singers are set to follow in the Municipality’s attempt to gather people back to Eleftheria Square as it enters its, hopefully, final stretch, and before the Municipality moves into its new building in the heart of the old town.

Christmas in our town
A series of festive events organized by the Nicosia Municipality. December 21, 22, 23, 24, 27,28, 29,30. Various times. Nicosia Municipality yard. For more information visit:

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