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Erdogan: Turkey will protect its rights in Cyprus

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan setting an example to the world through its humanitarian stance.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterated in his New Year message on Monday, his country’s determination to protect its rights in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean.

According to media reports in the north, Erdogan said that Turkey has demonstrated its determination to protect its rights in Cyprus, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean both in the political sphere and in the field.

As regards the wider situation in the region, Erdogan said that the developments are the source of many problems including separatist terrorism.

Turkey, he said, has no aspirations on the sovereignty of anyone.

“Our only aim is to bring our nation and our brothers who live in our region to safety, peace and a safe future,” he said.

He said that Turkey was “not responsible for the incidents in the region and will not be a victim of them”.

“Basically, Turkey, from the beginning of the Syrian crisis, has taken a humanitarian and moral stance and has always been by the side of the victims and the oppressed. We side with stability, justice, tolerance and peace across the world, together with our region” he said.

He added that through this understanding, Turkey defends the rights of Jerusalem, Damascus, Baghdad, Cairo, Tripoli, Sarajevo and Crimea and that it continues to contribute to the stability of Iraq.

More importantly, he said, Turkey was setting an example to the world through its humanitarian stance.

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