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What is synthetic nicotine?

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When you hear of nicotine, the first thing that comes to mind is tobacco whether it be smoking or vaping but there are also other plants such as potatoes, capsicum, tomatoes, and chili pepper among many that contain traces of nicotine. However, tobacco is used due to higher concentration amounts of 8% to 14%.

What is tobacco-free nicotine?
Most vaping and e-cigarettes brands use nicotine derived from tobacco for their juices. Tobacco free nicotine is the one which contains nicotine but no tobacco. Tobacco-free nicotine is clean and lacks the impurities that are found on the tobacco nicotine e-liquids. This tobacco-free nicotine has no smell and is tasteless, which in turns improves the taste and flavour. Also worth noting is that this tobacco-free nicotine has the same biological properties as the one derived from the tobacco plant. The advantage of this synthetic nicotine is that it does not have the foul smell and flavor of tobacco.

Synthetic nicotine is made in the lab and it has become popular among the vaping communities. Users are warned that this synthetic nicotine has the same dangerous effects on the brain and can affect the unborn child, your health and that of children so enjoy vaping, but do it responsibly.

Vaping has diversified over the past years, from using the traditional tobacco nicotine to synthetic nicotine. Now, there has emerged different modes and flavors to make take vaping to a whole new exciting level.

Similarities between the synthetic and tobacco nicotine
Nicotine as a compound contains 10 chemical atoms, 2 nitrogen atoms and 14 hydrogen atoms. The truth is that there is not much difference between nicotine from somewhere else and nicotine derived from the plant. They are fundamentally the same thing, even in terms of effect on the user.

The major difference is that synthetic nicotine has been produced using the exact chemical which contains nicotine but no tobacco. To achieve a tobacco-free synthetic nicotine, chemicals such as ethanol, niacin, sulphuric acid among other chemicals are used.

The importance of synthetic nicotine e-liquids
When nicotine is extracted from the tobacco plant, there are some impurities that remain in it. Although most companies try to keep it as pure as possible, they still do not achieve 100% purity.

With the synthetic nicotine, the companies that make them, claim it is purer than tobacco nicotine. Additionally, it is tasteless and odourless. Another major importance of synthetic nicotine is that there is no crop modifications to attain the desired levels of nicotine in the plant.

Considering the costs of the tobacco nicotine and synthetic nicotine, the prices of the latter could be a bit higher, considering the cost of production and the purity levels.

The raw materials used for making synthetic nicotine are obtained from FDA-approved suppliers with a mark of quality and assurance. The synthetic nicotine is pending patents from the FDA as it has to adhere to the due process of the law.

Since the commercialisation of synthetic nicotine has not begun, let’s takes a look at different types of tobacco nicotine flavored desserts that you can find in the market today.
They are:
1. Vape the Rainbow
This is a fruit flavored vaping candy with rainbow colors. It has a sweet creamy and smooth taste. It will also give you an exciting vaping experience. It comes packaged on a small stylish candy bottle.
2. Orange Creamsicle
This richly flavored creamsicle with vaping e-juice is suitable for hot summer weather. It is creamy, orangey and has a nice smell. Get this amazing creamsicle and enjoy a high-quality e-liquid in form of a creamsicle Popsicle.
3. OMG So Good
This is the best flavored dessert e-liquid. It is a blend of 5 cream and dessert flavors that you can vape all day long. It has a rich flavor of bourbon, creamy and sweet vanilla, custard and brown sugar to give you a cheesecake taste.
4. Holy Moly
This vaping dessert is a blend of vanilla, graham crackers, hazelnut and various types of dessert flavors. It is handcrafted with e-juice to give the user an amazing vaping moments.
5. Fruity Rings
These are classic e-juice flavored fruity rings. They are a blend of cereal vapes with a milky and fruity taste. You have these fruity rings for your breakfast as you go to work or as your late evening dessert.
6. The Candy Watermelon
This vape candy is designed to look like a watermelon. It will take your vaping level to new heights.
7. Strawberry Lemonade
This sweet strawberry lemonade lets you cool off on a hot day, while you enjoy vaping at the same time. It is elegantly made with well-balanced flavors to help you maximise your vaping experience. In addition, you can use this e-juice in your tank or RDA.
8. Fruit Roll Up
This is not just a strawberry flavored roll up. You don’t just chew it but you vape it. This e-juice is nicely blended in rich flavors to give a unique and amazing vaping experience.
9. Hard Candy
This sweet hard candy is heavily enriched with different flavours. It will certainly bring back old memories of eating candy and soon give you an amazing vaping experience with every puff.
10. Mulberry
This vape is flavored with melons and berries with some taste of spearmint. They are expertly blended together to make every vape worthwhile.
11. Blue Banana
This e-juice is enriched by a flavor of sweet blueberry with a topping of sugar candy banana. This e-juice comes in a 15 ml and 120 ml bottle.

If you like your vape with fruit flavored desserts, then you have a wide selection of the best. You can try each of them to find your new favorite flavor.

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