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Gesy doctors will make €135,000-€160,000 a year, HIO says

The proposals tabled by the Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) satisfy to a very large extent the demands made by Cyprus Medical Association (CyMA) with regards the National Health Scheme (Gesy), the HIO announced on Friday, despite the association’s opposing claims.

The HIO expressed its “surprise regarding CyMA’s announcement on Friday in which it refers to the overall negative response by the HIO and the government to its demands.”

The proposals tabled on behalf of the HIO satisfy “to a very large extent all of CyMA’s demands, barring the demand for private practice, which, as it has been sought by CyMA, which is contrary to the basic philosophy and the benefits of the Gesy legislation,” it said.

The demands made by CyMA following an extraordinary general assembly in October involve allowing private doctors within Gesy to practice outside the system; the raising of the Gesy budget; full administrative and financial autonomy of state hospitals before Gesy is implemented; a guaranteed unit price for specialist doctors involved in outpatient care; and inpatient fees per medical procedure.

According to the HIO, “a number of requests [by CyMA] have been incorporated into the plans,” listing among other things, key issues such as the raising of the budget, the establishment of a guaranteed unit price and a system to tackle possible over-visitation to some doctors, have been adopted.

According to these concessions, the HIO said the average earnings for each paediatrician and personal doctor for adults will amount to €135,000, while specialist doctors will earn €160.000 annually.

“These earnings are particularly favourable compared to those of other healthcare systems,” the HIO noted.

Specifically, paediatricians will earn a specific amount per head depending on the age of the child: for each patient up to three years old, paediatricians will earn €210; €155 for patients between the ages of four and seven; and €91 for patients between eight and 18.

Personal doctors for adults will earn €83 per patient between the ages of 16 and 50; €117 for patients between 51 and 70; and €145 for patients over 70.

In addition to these rates, each doctor will have the right to ask for an additional €25 from patients who visit on weekdays between 8am and 8pm, and at any time on weekends and public holidays.

Separate budgets will be specified for specialists in the fields of radiology, cytology/ histopathology and nuclear medicine, the HIO added.

Regarding over-visitation, prior to the implantation of Gesy, the HIO and CyMA will determine the number of visitations to be considered normal, and whether exceptions will be made for chronic patients, according to European indicators, the HIO said.

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