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Church liturgies have become a time only to daydream.       

The majority of our young and many other Greek Cypriots including me, do not understand the language of their liturgical services but our autocephalous Church ignores our pleas for essential changes to their ‘sacred cow’ defunct liturgy in KOINE Greek that existed when the Gospels were written.

The duty of our church to the Greek Cypriots must now be more reasonable and so convey the Gospel to the people using today’s Greek as the language and not expect our schools to waste valuable school time educating them to learn a dead and buried spoken language even if it sounds nice to some.

Our Church congregations are about families attending services but those that do bother also force their very young with no say to go but their elder brothers or sisters stay home because they are unable to understand the ancient liturgy.

It is pointless to persist in what is not understood by the churchgoer who will likely become bored, dazed and whose mind wanders, finding comfort in issues unrelated to Church or religion leading to a logical end result of their Sundays stay in bed rather than being a hypocrite.

Just as in today’s professions the management sends their employees for updated training, so to must our Church wise up to the reality of their Gospel negligence by taking the imperative steps to make our Church be the citadel of faith in the mind of their congregations by providing courses for our priests to learn today’s version of the archaic liturgy.

A Dinou, Nicosia


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