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The government is recklessly playing with your healthcare

I’m a GP resident in Cyprus currently training towards my specialisation and since the general public is not aware about what’s going on regarding the national health scheme I would like to ask you to please post this.
In order for the new health scheme (Gesy) to start functioning in Cyprus the government is trying to fill the places designated for specialised GPs by offering unspecialised doctors – without any residency – 200 hours (ca. 30 days) of training as they do not have enough qualified family physicians
In other words, four years of GP training and specialty exams will be made equal to only 200 hours. Not only is this unfair to both doctors and patients, but it is also immoral and unethical in keeping with  current healthcare standards.
How can a doctor be qualified to provide proper care and treat patients safely after having completed 200 hours of training? This is dangerous and reckless, not to mention illegal and utterly unacceptable.
Unfortunately, as we try to stand up for our rights as doctors, as well as speak up about the safety of our patients, most of the public is left in the dark about this ugly truth.
Everyone should be made aware about this urgent matter.

Stay informed people and don’t accept anything less than you deserve:  excellent healthcare provided by properly qualified doctors.
DV, via email

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