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Lack of lane barrier not to blame for road death – shop owners

The shop owners had protested against the building of a central reservation

Shop owners on a Limassol street where a 36-year-old motorcyclist was killed last Friday apparently after a car driver made an illegal turn, have denied they were to blame because they opposed the construction of a central reservation.

A spokesman for the around 800 shop owners on Nicos and Despina Pattihis Street, said they were not to blame because a 60-year-old driver made a right turn and cut off Antonis Demetriou who became the first road fatality of the year.

Polys Kattashis said they cannot be blamed over a driver’s decision to flout the law and make a right turn, adding that such an incident could have happened anywhere.

Kattashis said critics had been waiting for a serious accident to happen “to seize the opportunity and say that the road is supposedly dangerous and a median must be installed”.

The shop owners insist that a barrier would not serve anyone and would be catastrophic for their businesses.

Kattashis said the planned project to widen the road initially provided for seven parking spots but instead they built parks, pavements and an outdoor theatre.

The shop owners, he said, first want the parking spots provided in the plan and then “we will talk about a median.”

The construction of medians is almost always opposed by shop owners in various areas of Cyprus because they want customers to be able to cross lanes and park outside their shops.

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