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Benefits of a robotics engineering feasibility study

Articulated welding robots used in a factory

Some people get carried away by the things a robot can do that they rush to deploy one without carrying out any feasibility studies. A feasibility study is very necessary before you start any project that requires a robot. Also before you get any investors on board, it is very important to know exactly why you need one and if the requirements you have need the services of a robot while ensuring that whatever visions you have are worth spending your money.

Don’t get a robot because you think it will solve all your problems. Before you spend your hard earned cash, you should invite a specialist to come and carry out an objective study of the project you have in mind and the work you expect the robot to do before finally getting a go ahead. Doing this will give you the following benefits.

Helps you with a clearer understanding of your problem
You first need to understand whatever problem you have. Have the problem accessed to ascertain whether it needs a robot. Let the robot engineers ask all the questions and make sure to answer honestly if you do not want your money to go to waste. The more you understand the problem, the better you will be at making the right decision on whether you need a robot and what kind you need.

Helps you to carry out a test before investing
After the feasibility study, then you go to the next step, which is to work with a prototype. A working prototype may cost you thousands of dollars so it is very important that you are sure you have all the right answers. With the help of an engineer, you will at least have an assurance where your money will go if you decide to take the robot route. Testing whatever ideas you have for your business is better and much cheaper in theory and on paper first until you are sure.

Rids you of any financial risks
If you rush in without any studies, you may be putting yourself at major financial risk. A feasibility study will most likely uncover many things that you had no idea existed. You may discover that whatever project you have in mind may even cost you more with the deployment of a robot thus causing you a lot of agony financially. If the project is not financially feasible, you should consider yourself lucky for having carried out the study because robots do not come cheap.
Even if the study concludes that you may, after all, need a robot, you may discover that the kind of robot you had in mind would have eaten into your finances. Save money by having an engineer rim a thorough feasibility study to enable you to know what exactly you need.

Help you secure funding
If you are looking for funding for your first working robot prototype, an engineer’s feasibility study can help you secure the financing. Without a study from a specialist, a financier may opt not to fund your venture. It also gets you started faster because in most cases financiers will trust a study from a specialist other than one you have don on your own.

Wrapping it up
You may think you know a lot about robots because maybe you read widely about them but if you are starting a business and you want to incorporate a robot, you should seek professional help. Some of the renowned industrial robots manufacturers like universal robots and many others can help you with running a feasibility study of your project. Do not shy away from seeking help because it will make the difference between gaining it all and losing it all.

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