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K-Cineplex celebrates International Popcorn day

January, besides hosting the holiday season, has a couple of more festive days on its calendar, these ones though are a tad sillier and more playful. Apart from the national sticker day on January 13 and the national compliment day on January 24, lies another special day in between them celebrating a favourite snack: popcorn.

International popcorn day is held every year on January 19, urging snack lovers to indulge in either sweet or salty flavours of popcorn. How this celebration began or why, in unclear yet every year on this day many are those who go out and grab a bag of fluffy corns.

To join in on the fun, Hope For Children CRC Policy Center and the K-Cineplex to bring a special deal for the day for the first time. Screening the film Snowflake, all children and adults are invited to watch it and devour a free bag of popcorn.

Cinema tickets for this film will go for a special price of €5 which can be bought either from the Hope For Children Headquarters or K-Cineplex box offices. All of the proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to Hope For Children CRC Policy Center, as K-Cineplex continues its support of charity organisations.

All K-Cineplex movie theatres across all four cities will participate in the event, so people nation-wide can take part.

Snowflake follows the adventures of a gorilla who goes on a hunt to find a witch who can turn his white fur to black.

International Popcorn day
Special children’s film screening of Snowflake with free popcorn. Dubbed in Greek. January 19. K-Cineplex nationwide. €5. 3pm. Tel: 77778383.

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