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Thessaloniki meets Nicosia in a photography exhibition

A charged camera, an eye for an interesting frame and a wandering spirit is sometimes all you need to capture life in the streets and the soul of a place. Various photographers have flaneur-like behaviour, adopting German philosopher Walter Benjamin’s term, becoming urban explorers and connoisseurs of the street, in an attempt to experience and observe life and space.

Taking note of urban surroundings and capturing not one but two cities is a group photography exhibition by Fotodos organisation and gallery, where photographers from Thessaloniki and Nicosia have documented their cities. With no sort of guidelines in mind, the photographers were to simply capture anything surrounding them.

“There was much freedom to work on any subject they were interested in,” we’re told by Ioannis Yerou, president of Fotodos and curator of the exhibition’s Nicosia content, “with the only requirement being that photos are taken within the limits of the two cities, mostly the built-up area.”

Fotodos selected its own photographers from Nicosia and Thessaloniki Photographic Center selected theirs, with Vassilis Karkatselis as curator and Artistic Director of the Center. The idea for the exhibition came about from some of the photographers from the two organisations who had collaborated on another project before and thought of working together on a greater scale.

Photographic Meetup is a full exhibition which will be held first in Nicosia with all involved photographers present and then move to Thessaloniki in March for an exhibition there as well. In Nicosia, the results of this collaboration will be displayed until February 8 at Fotodos after the opening on Friday.

There are 33 photographers involved from both cities, so the artworks are bound to fill up Fotodos’ space easily. After the exhibition, and if for whatever reason you would want to see them again, the photographs will be found on the Fotodos website at

Apart from its own exhibitions and hosting of exhibitions from abroad, Fotodos is also active in the preparation and fulfillment of seminars, photography lessons for both beginners and advanced, lectures, presentations, photograph judging, meetings, publishing and various other related activities.

Photographic Meetup
Photography exhibition of Thessaloniki and Nicosia by photographers documenting their cities. January 25-February 8. Photodos, Nicosia. Monday-Friday: 6pm-8pm

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