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How Las Vegas businesses are leveraging YouTube content to their advantage

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. While this might have been valid in the past, nothing could be further from the truth in these modern times.

The days of traditional advertising are quickly going the way of the dinosaur; particularly when referring to major metropolitan areas that are still growing on a yearly basis.

In fact, it has been shown that the number of small businesses throughout Las Vegas increased by more than 2.5 per cent during the 2018 fiscal year.

It is therefore apparent that the term “business as usual” no longer applies to such a dynamic city. This can represent an insurmountable challenge for some enterprises while others see opportunity on the horizon.

This is also why a number of start-up firms have already begun using the power and social reach associated with YouTube to successfully promote their operations. While the idea itself might seem straightforward and logical, the fact of the matter is that a good deal of planning is required if you hope to present your services in the best light.

This is why it is a good idea to take a look at some of the good free ebooks to understand the basic concerns to address when building a YouTube channel from scratch.

Forget about the sales pitch and blatant advertising campaigns

As the process of setting up a channel is rather straightforward, we will forego with steps that are clearly described by YouTube itself; instead moving right into one of the most important points to make. One massive (and common) mistake that is often made by novices is assuming that the audience has come to the channel to buy a product or service. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There are two main purposes behind the majority of the content found on YouTube:
– To inform and educate
– To entertain

Your audience will not click on a video (much less watch the content to its finality) if they feel as if they are being marketed a product or service from the very beginning. This should occur on a standalone website or even within the physical premises of a store.

For instance, let’s imagine for a moment that your firm specialises in marketing mobile phone covers that have a Las Vegas theme.

As opposed to simply advertising the covers themselves, your content should revolve around relative information and trendy tips. Reviews of the latest phones, suggestions on how to keep a unit free from dust and reviews of the top manufacturers are all ancillary subjects which will attract more attention (and lead to an interested and loyal customer base over time).

However, you might be thinking “why not just sell a product if that is the ultimate goal of my channel?” This is a good question and the answers may surprise you.

Much more than a one-off sale

Many of those who are curious how to create YouTube channel content focus too much on the “close” of a sale. This is a mistake and it needs to be avoided at all costs. The intention of the channel should rather be to foster interest in what you have to offer and to encourage others to visit your website. After all, a product or service cannot be directly purchased via YouTube!

The purpose of YouTube is to drive revenue through interest and loyalty over time. This is why very few successful channels spend the entire video actively promoting a product. They are instead focused around creating fresh content, securing subscribers and increasing inbound hits to their separate website. Let’s not forget that most initial YouTube searches are not intended to make a one-off purchase. They are derived from a sense of curiosity in regards to any new content that may have been posted. Keep it fresh, light and entertaining. This will allow you to attract followers over time.

Still, a call to action (CTA) is ALWAYS important. This is generally placed at the middle or the end of a video (depending upon its length). Any CTA should be no longer than ten seconds, as the interest of the viewer might otherwise begin to wane. You can then include information on your product such as a website hyperlink or a dedicated email address. They may also be placed directly below the description of the video. The main takeaway point is that a visitor should never feel as if they are being pressured to buy a product. They must rather CHOOSE to engage further.

There is no doubt that small businesses throughout Las Vegas are facing an increased amount of competition. However, this is good news for those who are able to appreciate the sheer scope and breadth of YouTube. Following the tips mentioned above will help to ensure your success in 2019 and beyond.

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