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98 per cent of Cypriot children in good health

Some 98 per cent of Cypriot children were deemed to be in good health in 2017, compared with the EU average of 95 per cent, Eurostat said on Tuesday.

The figures put Cyprus in eight place in terms of children considered to be in good or very good general health. Greece ranked sixth with 98 per cent.

The percentage changes only slightly by age group. Some 96.5 per cent of those under five were given a clean bill of health in the EU. In Cyprus this figure was 97.5 per cent. In the 5-9 age group the figure in Cyprus rose to 98.9 per cent and for those in the age group 10-15, the figure came in at 96.8 per cent.

The percentage of children whose general health was considered to be bad or very bad was under 1 per cent for all age groups for the EU average, but exceeded 1.2 per cent for Cyprus in the youngest category – the under-fives.

Fewer than 5 per cent of children in the EU and 1.7 per cent in Cyprus were considered to have limitations in activities due to health problems.

The percentage of under-fives considered to be in good or very good health was as high as 99 per cent in Bulgaria, which had the highest percentage as did Malta, Romania and Italy, and dropped to below 90 per cent in Latvia (88 per cent), Portugal (88.7 per cent) and Estonia (89.6 per cent).

The countries that usually top Eurostat lists for health and wellbeing such as the UK, and the Scandinavian countries all had results slightly over – Sweden, Denmark and Finland – and slightly under the EU average. The UK, which ranked 21st out of 28 countries, clocked in at 94.9 per cent and Norway at 94.7 per cent overall on the percentage of children in good or very good health.

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