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Restaurant Review: Get Fresh, Nicosia

In the recent past to be guilty of ‘getting fresh’ would have attracted general disapproval: the perpetrator would have been accused of being impolite or impertinent at least, lest we dare not mention the sexual element. However, none of this applies to the establishment lodged between the Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute and the country’s leading media studio, one would not be surprised to encounter Oberon entertaining Titania to breakfast. Not that the place is full of fairies, quite the contrary, the customers exude a robust glow of health.

My companion remarked that we were the only strangers – everyone else was helping themselves – and we could sit anywhere, no directions. The staff exude a busy dynamic. We are given a seven-page menu that is more like a manual than a carte. It is designed to inform the customer of everything they need to know about the contents of the dishes. There is an allergy guide – little symbols indicating the contents – warnings for vegans and vegetarians; protein and energy indicators and a thousand more helpful tips.

An outside area has low-level heaters, and inside they supply furniture for children. The companion told me they had hot salt beef served on ciabatta with sweet pickled cucumber and English mustard; a meal to die for; but alas, not today. Supply problems said Christina the charming manager. Never mind, we shall have the hot Philly Steak sandwich which contains roast beef, edam, tomato, lettuce and caramelised onion; the Hot Sesame Brioche packed with pulled pork – a recent entry into Cypriot cuisine – larded with yoghurt/mayo grated apple, BBQ sauce, chopped gherkin, lettuce and tomato. One is invited to slice and share.

They are served on wooden platters with an avalanche of napkins (most necessary). These items were selected from hundreds of baguettes, Tortilla wraps, wholewheat bread, Brioche, Ciabatta, Pitta and everything else that one can wrap around a lunch. They are served hot or cold along with salads, soups, pots, pastas, cheeses served in bowls or on platters. The customer is invited to assemble their own dish.

On Saturdays brunches are served: eggs, fried, scrambled, poached; smoke salmon. Would you believe, the Full English? Also Eggs Benedict and Florentine. Boiled eggs with soldiers for children – the offers seem inexhaustible. Drinks of every kind, the latest health giving grasses and pulses; protein smoothies; I even spotted some alcohol hidden away.

The sandwiches were first rate although the onions needed more time with the caramel. I thought there was an absence of marine dwellers until I spotted a Sushi platter, which was as fresh as the establishment. Pitch perfect. The place pulsates with healthy eating.

We consumed our meal with mugs of exotic teas, and very good they were too.

Dynamic accurately describes this outlet. There are meals being delivered all over the capital and the staff are trained to fulfil all the needs of the hungry diner.

This enterprise is enterprising. It even has a huge carpark, open from 07:30 to 17:00 and seems to send out more meals that is serves at table. Definitely the favoured spot for healthy diners and busy executives.



SPECIALTY Quickly prepared food. Vegetarian specialists

WHERE Andreas Dimitriou 4, off Themosticles Dervis, Nicosia

CONTACT 22-667332, [email protected]

PRICE Very reasonable


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