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Cinderella’s ballet

Along with its production of Swan Lake, the Russian Ballet will also bring the children’s tale of Cinderella to Cyprus this month. With Sergei Prokofiev’s music and the choreography of famous dancer and choreographer Anatoly Emelianov, the island welcomes the ballet of Cinderella for the first time.

The performances are set to take place on Thursday in Nicosia and Sunday in Limassol.

Taking the lead in this Cinderella production, based on Charles Perrault’s enchanting tale, are top Bolshoi Theatre dancers Anastasia Gorardeva and Alexander Voltsov, along with other 40 great dancers.
Many have grown up with the tale of Cinderella’s and in combination with Prokofiev’s music, The Russian Ballet is set to “traverse the audience through a fairy tale where miracles happen” through a “beautiful parable” for love and the triumph of good.

The story sticks to the Cinderella tale, with the carriage that turns into a pumpkin and the shoe forgotten on the steps of the palace when Cinderella hurried to leave the ball as the clock hit midnight. It also describes how Cinderella’s dreams of a better life, away from her evil mother and her ghastly sisters, come true.

“A dreamy performance, Cinderella, will surely remain indelible in the memory of the spectators,” say organisers as it “stands out for the spectacular spectacle of rare beauty, cheerful music, wonderful choreographies, shiny costumes and rich scenery.”

Performance by the Russian Ballet. February 14, Strovolos Municipal Theatre, Nicosia. February 16, Patticheio Municipal Theatre, Limassol. 7.30pm. Tickets:,,

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