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New horizons for the urban explorer

The horizon is defined as the line ahead that connects the Earth with the sky; the unique intersection of what is and what can be; the point of reference that opens new possibilities… new adventures; and what connects two different worlds: reality and dreams. When these two worlds collide, exceptional things happen.

Connecting two worlds: reality and dreams
This is how the all new UX, the stunning premium crossover by Lexus, was crafted: by combining art with expertise, innovation and technology with ancient Japanese traditions, elegance with agility and finally, unparalleled safety and the state-of-the-art Lexus hybrid driving experience with striking design.
The new Lexus UX undoubtedly opens new horizons! It revolutionises the premium crossover category and creates a new urban experience.

An infusion of inspiration and Japanese sophistication
The new Lexus UX is a masterful creation. One that brings to life the Japanese concept of ‘Omotenashi’ – the art of creating a special feeling of welcome and hospitality – and infuses it with cutting-edge technology and materials of the highest quality, thus creating a luxurious and distinctive environment.

The UX design philosophy and sophistication goes beyond the interior and driving experience. From the daring front end, with its dramatic signature grille, through its seductive aerodynamic lines and on to the bold rear design with the unified U-shaped headlights, the exterior will turn heads, stir hearts and evoke emotions.

There is a seamless continuity between the inside and the outside which creates an environment that feels open yet secure. Inspired by the Japanese concept of ‘engawa’, this continuity gives the driver and the passengers the feeling of instant connection, comfort and belonging, without of course minimising the much-needed invitation for adventure.


Exploring the boundaries, exceeding expectations
The elegance, the attention to detail, the design, the safety and the innovation is just the tip of the iceberg. There is also uncompromising confidence and power hiding under the hood of the new Lexus UX and it is waiting to be ignited! Its powerful engine will awaken the driver’s enthusiasm and spark the urge for exploration and adventure. What’s even more exciting is that the Lexus UX engine is a 4th Generation Hybrid Powertrain that brings enhanced, unparalleled performance, fuel efficiency, with up to 50% electric driving.
The all-new Lexus UX is coming to Cyprus and promises to open up new horizons for an exceptional driving experience.


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