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Napa mayor wants to turn town’s unsightly roofs ‘green’

Ayia Napa Mayor Yiannis Karousos is contemplating a pilot programme to ‘green’ the resort by introducing a scheme to hide unsightly roof-top water tanks with greenery.

According to CNA, Karousos said a strategic plan has been drawn up for the centre of Ayia Napa, the mandate for which is that the town must be transformed into a fully accessible, hospitable and environmentally friendly one.

“We believe that with the appropriate actions, Ayia Napa can also be certified as a ‘green city’ by various European-wide organisations,” he said.
The plan proposes several actions from recycling to street lighting. The ‘green roof’ has also been proposed to reduce visual pollution, the mayor said.

“When the visitor enters Ayia Napa, because of topography, what is seen is the water tanks on the roofs of buildings and houses, which gives a very bad impression,” he said.

“That is why the municipality studied this and decided that there are two ways to deal with this phenomenon: one is to ‘hide’ the tanks with shrubs or other vegetation and the second is to motivate their owners to remove them.”
According to the Mayor, a provision has been included in the local plan for residents wishing to convert the roof of their buildings or houses to “green“ and who wish to comply with the measures set by the municipality, would be given additional incentives.

“Efforts are being made to find people – volunteers to test this measure on some roofs on a pilot basis. The ‘green roofs’ will be shaped into a particular form and we will see from the first attempts whether the result is satisfactory,” the mayor said, adding that the pilot scheme will also show if there are practical problems and what costs the initiative would have.

“If the result is satisfactory then we will see how the city can support it in order to motivate the citizens to take their own initiatives or whether the entire plan will be taken on by the municipality, he added.

After posting the idea on the internet, Karousos said there was some interest shown by people who contract the municipality and asked for more information “since as we pointed out that with the “green roofs” the visitor to Ayia Napa will see the blue of the sky and the sea and the green of the roofs.”

In addition, the municipality is also looking at how to ‘green’ with climbing plants and trees, the façade of the town’s multi-storey car park.


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