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A Hymn to Nature

Nature is a favourite theme for artist Sotiris Ioannou, and his latest exhibition ‘A hymn to Nature’ is dedicated to exactly that. His new artistic venture is split in two sections, dealing with the same subject but from different angles.

The work is comprised of a series of extremely simple pieces, embodying all faces of Nature with the help of geometric shapes and the employment of vibrant colours.

The use of geometric shapes has great importance in Sotiris’ body of work, as it is these shapes that create the complete image. They form coupling patterns with clean colours, creating interesting images of landscapes and scenery.

“It’s a game of warm and cool colours,” according to the description of the exhibition, “a game of shapes, triangles, rhombuses which fit into one another to create a veritable puzzle.”

And who might Sotiris Ioannou be exactly? Despite the fact that he is presenting a painting exhibition, Sotiris began his journey in the art world as a ceramic artist. Having studied the craft at London’s Camberwell School of Art & Crafts, he set up a studio there dealing in ceramics. Pre-classical Cypriot ceramic elements influenced his work, and continue to appear in his art pieces even today.

Gradually, Sotiris began discovering a new form of expression through painting, which provided more opportunity to show colours and fluidity of movement. Since then, he has dedicated himself to painting and, after numerous exhibitions around the UK, moved back to Cyprus to teach at his private art school.

A Hymn to Nature
Painting exhibition by Sotiris Ioannou. February 12-27. Apocalypse Gallery, Nicosia. Tel: 22-300150

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