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Cyprus Mail Schools Guide – free with your Sunday Mail on February 17

Why parents need to read the Cyprus Mail Schools Guide

Since 2000 the number of students in private education has doubled. Some 19 per cent of children are now educated at one of Cyprus’ 39 private secondary schools. Thirty-nine!

Choice is always good, but it can make decision-making difficult. And choosing your child’s school is one of the most important decisions you as a parent must make.

Which is why for the second year running, the Cyprus Mail is publishing its free Schools Guide, available with your Sunday Mail on February 17.

The growth in demand for private education, boosted by the influx of foreign families settling in Cyprus, showed the need for such a guide.

Hundreds of families with school-age children move to Cyprus every year and choosing a good school is top of their agenda. The guide is also a useful resource for parents living here who need help considering school options.

The Cyprus Mail Schools Guide has all information about private schools in one place, making it easily accessible to parents who would otherwise have to go from one website to another.

The Schools Guide provides parents with a comprehensive introduction to the choices on offer – a first port of call before exploring individual school websites, links to which are listed, and physically visiting schools.

With 39 private secondary schools in Cyprus, parents as ‘education consumers’ have a bigger choice than ever before.

The Schools Guide provides as much information as possible on those choices and offers tips regarding the selection process, all to help you make the right decision for your child.

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