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Gesy overseer hits back at medical association

The Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) on Thursday confirmed the existence of a draft document with a potential agreement between the government and private doctors on the National Heath Scheme (Gesy), and accused them of slandering the health minister and attempting to boycott the scheme.

The HIO’s statement follows repeated accusations this week by medical association (CyMA) members that Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou had himself prepared the document listing proposals aimed at paving the way for an agreement between two sides over Gesy.

Ioannou said this week that the document – a draft agreement allegedly proposed by CyMA – was given to him by an external associate of CyMA who acted as mediator between the two sides. The minister said he forwarded the document to the HIO which prepared a counterproposal.

But some CyMA members have claimed it was not them who submitted the document, but the minister and HIO who drafted it and sent it to them, and after they rejected it, it was leaked to the media as their own document. The move, according to CyMA, was aimed at misinforming the public and dividing the medical world.

The mediator was a representative of Deloitte that carried out a study concerning Gesy on behalf of HIO.

In a written statement, the HIO – the state agency in charge of implementing Gesy – said that it could confirm the existence of a draft document entitled ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ between the health minister, itself and CyMA.

The HIO board positioned itself on the document in question after discussing it in a recent meeting, it said.

“The agency came across intransigence and delaying tactics by a part of the CyMA leadership,” the HIO statement said even though the board actively exhibited it had acted in good faith, honesty and good will during consultations with CyMA.

“Rather than working constructively to find the required convergence, [CyMA] appears to be opposed to the implementation of Gesy and to promote other plans that in no way serve citizens and the need for equal access to health care services.”

The behaviour and statements of the CyMA leadership, the HIO said, do not express the views of the majority of the medical world that genuinely seeks the implementation of Gesy.

“In no way can society be held hostage by any team of doctors who are trying to overturn the implementation of Gesy.”

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