Cyprus Mail

Bright future for Cyprus

The British Council on Thursday held a higher education and research forum with the participation of 25 higher education institutions, seven government departments and nine representatives from the UK at the Hilton Park Hotel in Nicosia.

“The forum’s objective is to reinforce the long-standing educational connections that exist between the two countries, and further strengthen and facilitate institutional collaborations between Cyprus and UK institutions,” the organisers announced.

Strong ties in the educational sector already exist, CEO of the British Council Sir Ciaran Devane said.

“So for example in Horizon 2020 there are 526 collaborative links between Cyprus and UK; and over 50 per cent of the Horizon 2020 grant agreements involving Cyprus, 360, also include the UK, 191,” he said at the event.

Three sessions were held during the morning, one on the higher education sector and transnational education, a second on research collaborations and a third on quality assurance and transnational education.

British High Commissioner Stephen Lillie commented there could not be a better time for the forum than now, so shortly before Brexit which is set to change relations between EU member states and the UK.

“Links were strong before Cyprus joined the EU and there is every reason to believe they will remain strong when the UK leaves.”