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Allegations made of sexual harassment at Nicosia general

Nicosia General Hospital

Female workers at the Nicosia general hospital have threatened to deal in their own way with a colleague who they say is constantly making advances towards them at the workplace, if authorities fail to put him in his place, reports said on Friday.

An unsigned letter purporting to be from a group of nurses, assistant nurses and cleaners was sent to the health minister, the auditor-general, the medical director of the Nicosia hospital and daily Phileleftheros, complaining that a male colleague has been sexually harassing the female staff and behaving indecently.

The man in question wanders in and out of all hospital departments verbally harassing female staff on a daily basis, the letter said.

Whenever women warn him to stop making passes, he reportedly tells them that if they respond to his advances, he would help them get a promotion. He also threatens that he has the power to have them removed from the hospital and posted to outpatient clinics, the letter said according to Phileleftheros.

It also said the man has told some of the women that he could help them get a job in the civil service if they agreed to have sex with him.

The husbands and partners of the female staff warned that they will have to deal with the man on their own if measures are not taken promptly for his removal, the latter added. The measures, which would be taken in the presence of media, would be effective, the letter warned.

According to the contents, the group of women said they wished to remain anonymous fearing retribution.

The hospital management told the daily that they had already launched a preliminary informal probe but that nothing incriminating was found against the man in question.

Unless the group of women reveal themselves there could not be a formal investigation or formal complaint to the police since the complaint was made anonymously. Sources told the daily that the complaint could have been simply sparked by professional rivalry.

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