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A night to remember with DJ Maria Panosian

With the first signs of spring, the Powerhouse’s stunning yard opens up its gates to host memorable events, kicking off the month of March with a vibrant party with DJ Maria Panosian rocking sounds from the 60s until the 90s and current-day hits.

Her background in music and sound engineering is possibly what makes Maria more than a DJ, as she’s released a number of personal albums over the years. Currently when not playing the decks, she works as a sound engineer at a radio station in Athens and continues to write and record music for upcoming projects.

Though based in Athens for the last 23 years, Maria has kept a close relationship with her home country, performing often and always bringing down the house at each of the events she DJs. What makes her selection of music exciting is that she does not stick to one style but rather likes to mix it up, always done smoothly and to the crowd’s vibe, as any DJ that understands its audience would.

“In my musical suitcase I usually carry around a whole range of different genres,” she told Cyprus Mail.

“My repertoire is usually foreign music with the occasional exception of some old and beloved Greek songs.

“I was never able to put a label on the type of music that I play. I always try to follow the psychology of the people at each event as our relationship is interrelated,” she added, believing that most people listen to many different types of music.

Throughout her career, Maria says she’s noticed that regardless of age, people will dance to Rock n’ roll but also to RnB songs, sing along to classical rock but also enjoy disco songs. Perhaps it is this understanding that enables Maria to play the right song at the right time and uplift the crowd.

Her event on March 2 promises to do the same. “Even though I have been away from Cyprus for many years, with the Cypriot crowd I have been able to build a warm and stable relationship,” says the DJ.

“At each of my parties, for some unexplained reason, everyone behaves as if they know each other. There is a sense of intimacy and there have been parties in Cyprus that I will never forget and nor do I think the people will.”

When asked what’s one thing she wants people to experience in her upcoming event, she replied “I want them to fill up with energy and leave with a smile on their face. “

DJ [email protected] Powerhouse
Party with music from DJ Maria Panosian playing everything from the 60s,70s,80s and 90s to today’s hits. March 2. The Powerhouse, Nicosia. 9.30pm.

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