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Artwork goes beyond gender

An exhibition going beyond gender labels and romantic preferences is travelling to Nicosia from New York next week. Yiorgos Bellapaisiotis’ reflective journey on identity manifests in his art exhibition Beyond Gender & Sexual Orientation, which opens on March 6.

A collection of “exhilarating and intriguing” work, for this exhibition Bellapaisiotis has drawn inspiration from the concept of life, death and beauty coupled with a yearning for social acceptance.

Part of the show features his attempt to transcribe life onto dead wood, collected from the streets of New York, bestowing it with another chance to ‘live’ and ‘breathe’ in an altered form. Juxtaposing beauty and imperfections, recycled elements can be found in all the exhibition paintings, which have often been a natural consequence of the artist’s recycled thoughts and emotions.

In the same way, Bellapaisiotis’ art often depicts circles, representing the cycle of life and the course of an old circle giving life to a new one. “Sometimes,” says the artist “we are caught up trying to achieve what we think is perfection, missing the imperfections that naturally make something real and unique”, emphasising that his philosophy is to “allow the viewer to feel the hand of the creator on the painting through the brush strokes and the perfect imperfections.”

His creative method is equally notable as he commented: “By turning spices such as curry or clove into powder and rubbing them with my fingers on the painting, using it as part of my colour pallet sometimes would cause blisters. This would give me an even more personal connection with my subject.”

The essence of the is to capture the inner emotional world of humans in society and examine how it is affected by the stereotypes which eventually become the norm. “My focal point for these creations is to celebrate the diversity we see today and highlight its beauty which for some is nothing but shame and sometimes harsh painful judgment.”

And as a fashion designer and composer, Bellapaisiotis has also composed the soundtracks for the exhibition that aim to take the viewer on a circular journey, enhancing the experience.
Part of the exhibition’s proceeds will be donated to the Sophia foundation for children.

Beyond Gender & Sexual Orientation
Exhibition by Yiorgos Bellapaisiotis. March 6-10. Baker Tilly offices, Nicosia. Opening night 7pm with guest of Honour, Ambassador Andreas D. Mavroyiannis. Thursday-Friday 5pm-10pm and Saturday-Sunday: 10am-10pm. Tel: 22-458500

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