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Man discovers kidney removed long ago has ‘returned’

One of the pensioner's kidneys was removed 26 years ago

After a recent visit to his doctor, a pensioner was surprised to discover he still had two kidneys, 26 years after one of them had been removed.

The man posted on his Facebook page on Wednesday that he had gone for his annual check-up last week at a private specialist.

“He supposedly did an ultrasound scan of the kidney, bladder, and prostate (that’s what his report says) that lasted only four to five minutes, for which I paid €110,” the man said.

But he added that in 1993 he had had his left kidney removed because it was atrophic and was causing problems.

Following the examination, the doctor assured the man he was very well, and his secretary handed him the results of the scan in an envelope.

The man said he was surprised by how fast the secretary had typed the report, even if it was a short one.

“When I came home, I opened the envelope to see the report and had the shock of my life reading the first line,” the man said. “The two kidneys are in the normal position, they have normal size …,” the report said.

The man said he went to try and visit the doctor on Tuesday for an explanation but he was busy.

He said he explained the issue to the secretary, asking her to convey his request to contact him as soon as possible but the doctor did not respond.

The man could only guess at the reason for the doctor’s lack of response.

“Whatever the reason, his behaviour is consistent with his report.”

He told the Cyprus Mail he did not want his money back, it was just a matter of principle.

“It’s like adding insult to injury,” he said, adding that he had been going to the same doctor for the past 10 years but he had not noticed anything similar before.

The report given by the doctor appears to be a standard form prepared in advance.

The Cyprus Mail contacted the doctor but his secretary said he did not want to make any comments.


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