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Open University joins regional water management programme

The Open University

Open University of Cyprus (OUC) has joined the consortium of a new international research project titled ‘Innovations in Water Education Programmes: Enhancing Water Security and Socio-economic Development in the Eastern Mediterranean under climate change’, the aim of which is to establish a network of water professionals in the Middle East, and to develop eLearning, state-of-the-art courses on water management, which will enhance the knowledge, tools and skills of graduates and increase their attractiveness to enterprises.
The project is very collaborative and international since it has 13 partners from six countries. OUC’s research team is led by professor Ioannis Vogiatzakis, faculty of the MSc in environmental conservation and management, and principal investigator of the University’s terrestrial ecosystems management lab.
The courses will incorporate the latest and newest technologies on water management, and will utilise new pedagogical approaches to enhance learning capacities. Enterprises will be integrated in the courses by having students solve real-life water case studies provided by enterprises, with seminars by water professionals and practical placement to promote entrepreneurship, leading to more sustainable water management in the region.
The courses, which will be provided in Arabic and English, will be available on a virtual learning portal thus providing them also by distance learning and enhancing their accessibility.
The project is funded with a budget of €800,000 from the Erasmus+ programme.

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