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A great opportunity for children

I was impressed when I heard about the Nicosia Marathon, not for the running event itself, but because of a concept that benefits the community in several different ways.

As a part of this large-scale event, which unfortunately led to several road closures in the capital city. It also hosts a fun-run specifically designed for children.

To register for this event, all children (and parents) need to pay a fee in a different type of currency – bottle caps and/or aluminium tins.  All items collected are then sold for recycling, where all proceeds are donated to a charity.  Genius!

I wasn’t sure what was more appealing about this idea because there are so many positives!  I can encourage my kids to become active with exercise, teach them the importance of recycling, demonstrate the generous gesture of supporting charities and inspire them to achieve a personal goal by completing the race.

Upon completion of this experience, all participating children were rewarded with a commemorative medal which for years to come will give them fond memories of when they were once part of something special.

What better way to teach your child(ren) to recycle, be active, achieve a goal and celebrate!

If you didn’t have the opportunity to register your child(ren) in time for this year’s event, which took place last Sunday, not all is lost.  The good news is that this concept sets a new precedent and hopefully, there will be plenty more participation events similar to this in the future.

George Yena, Nicosia

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