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Greens call for ‘clean every day’

THE GREEN party staged its ‘Clean Monday… clean every day’ campaign on Monday urging people that would follow the tradition of eating outdoors to clean up after themselves and not leave rubbish in the countryside.

This was the 13th consecutive years the Greens have organised the campaign, which was held in Nicosia, Limassol and Paphos. Members distributed recycled bags for collecting rubbish and leaflets aimed at building awareness about keeping the environment clean and tidy. Tens of thousands of people spend Green Monday outdoors.

Giorgos Perdikis, the leader of the Greens, said that through this campaign, his party “sent the message that nature is not a rubbish dump.” He wished people a fun day, but urged them to enjoy nature “in a way that would allow us to enjoy it every day and not just on Green Monday,” and “not to leave rubbish behind.”

He also urged excursionists not to cut wild flowers or bushes as many of these were endemic and strictly protected. “We all have a duty to preserve and protect this integral part of our natural heritage that is a valuable ornament of our natural environment,” said Perdikis.

Perdikis used the campaign to express concern about the government’s policies on dealing with household waste, especially now that the two big landfills of Vati and Kotsiatis had been closed down and no alternative solution found.  “The danger that inconsiderate citizens will use as a solution the dumping of rubbish in the countryside,” warned Perdikis adding that with the closure of the landfills there was a danger that “nature would be transformed into a big rubbish dump”.

Environment Commissioner, Ioanna Panayiotou, also took up the issue of household waste, given that Cyprus produces the biggest quantity of rubbish per capita. A person needed to think when buying things, “buying only what is necessary, avoiding packaging and making a choice at source.”

She also urged people to help the recycling drive. “It is very important to separate our rubbish, to recycle it, to be able to re-use natural resources as this is an important tool against climate change,” said Panayiotou.

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